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Lillian Jenae Designs is an elegant and contemporary ready-to-wear brand committed to; classic, minimal waste, ethical fashion. We were founded in 2019, by Jillian Lenae.


Our purpose is to ensure that each garment is designed to enhance a woman's natural beauty. As well as enhance and improve the human condition. Garments are constructed using high-end techniques and materials to ensure a perfect product. We are committed to completely ethical production methods. Currently, all products are made in house to order. Designs inspire playfulness and a sense of adventure into a polished and confident woman.

our commitment to you

At Lillian Jenae designs we promise to you, our community to promote and produce; slow, classic, ethical fashion. Maintain completely ethical production methods, to hold ourselves and others in the industry accountable. Create a countless array of classic, versatile styles for you to build your wardrobe upon. To be completely size-inclusive in both our product availability and promotional materials. Promote and sustain minimal waste production methods. Establish and maintain 100% Transparency in our design & manufacturing process. Keep careful consideration for our communities and environment when sourcing our materials. And to continue to always be a brand that is inspired by you, for you. 

our commitment up-close 

updated January of 2021

ethical production methods 

At Lillian Jenae Designs we are fully committed to fully ethical production methods.


We want to share this commitment with you as apart of our 100% transparency policy. This is also within our efforts to set a precedent for future fashion brands to come.


We guarantee that all our products are made in the United States, and those working to bring these designs are in above-average working conditions, are working ethical hours, and are paid well above a living wage.

size-inclusive selections year-round
classic versatile style

We are also committed to producing versatile classic clothing. We understand the desire to style one piece for a variety of occasions and to get the most wear out of your clothing.


This is why we strive to create pieces that you can choose to style up or down at your choosing. Therefore giving you a variety of options in a single garment.


Durability alongside versatility is an important factor for us when determining what selection we offer. Having a versatile wardrobe that is also durable will increase the lifetime of your clothing, therefore producing less waste.

Additionally, we are fully committed to ensuring a fully size-inclusive selection of our designs year-round.

We believe that fashion is for everyone, and having a size-inclusive range available is just the starting point for an all-inclusive ethical fashion brand.


This commitment to you is just the beginning.

100% transparency 
in our design & manufacturing process

During our design and manufacturing process, we vow to have 100% transparency.

From where our textiles are sourced, to who made your clothes, and every step in between. We will be sharing this with you every step of the way.

We understand that while other brands may feel the need to conceal where their clothing comes from or how it is produced. However, we are excited to share this process with you.

minimal waste production

While we strive for a completely zero-waste production process. We acknowledge that this currently is not a completely realistic principle for our brand. 


Alternatively, we chose to share our commitment to a minimal waste production method; from transforming all waste and scrap materials into new and recycled textiles. We do this while we consistently work to progress towards achieving a zero-waste fashion brand. 


To ensuring all discarded plastics, cardboard, and other products are properly recycled or reused.


We are striving to have a zero-waste production method. In the meantime, we are dedicated to being as minimal with our wastage as possible.

special consideration when sourcing materials

At Lillian Jenae Designs, we are completely committed to having sustainability, ethics, and our consumer at the forefront of our minds when sourcing our textiles for collections.

We will only source our materials from reputable and trustworthy sources, that stand by our values. We will prioritize using sustainable/ eco-friendly textiles, and deadstock materials when at all possible to bring our designs to life.

Finally, we want to share that this brand will always stand with those who have stood by us. Our community.


We will continue to be inspired by the individuals who support this brand.


We promise to continue designing; versatile, durable, unique pieces that are equally as special as you are.


a brand inspired by you,
for you
this is our commitment to you
let's talk; sustainability

updated January of 2021

We want to share our commitment to sustainability with you. As the production begins for our SS'22 collection, we plan to share our process to achieve ethical design practice. 


The Debutante collection for the SS'22, made using 100% ethical production methods,

will be shown at NYFW during September 2021.


Our budget-friendly capsule collection that follows after will be made utilizing all scraps from the NYFW line; from remnants of the final collection fabrics to our draping and drafting materials. Each of these designs will be available in limited quantities and will not be restocked. Designs will consist of; accessories, clothing, and one-of-a-kind pieces. 


We cannot wait to share more about our commitment to producing sustainable fashion with you. 


We estimate to release this line in late February early March of 2022. 

the designer

updated January of 2021


Jillian Lenae Hackett is a 19-year-old fashion designer, photographer, and artist based in Houston, Texas.


She established Lillian Jenae Designs,  in late 2019. Also, creating under the name of Jillian Lenae. Born in Lubbock, Texas, Lenae grew up in the small North Texas town of Collinsville until the fall of 2018, when her family moved to Montgomery, Texas, in the greater Houston area. Lenae was a proud member of Lake Creek High school's first graduating class in 2020 and is now attending Texas Tech University, majoring in Apparel Design and Manufacturing.


Having a lifelong love for clothing and fashion, Lenae started sewing at the age of 9 with her mother's help and began designing dresses at 11. From there, Lenae began to learn more about design and garment construction. Through various programs in 4-H and FCCLA, Lenae has had numerous opportunities to cultivate and grow in her passions. At the age of 17, Lenae won third place at the Texas FCCLA State Fashion Design contest. As a senior in high school, Lenae focused on creating clean and professional work to prepare for new career opportunities and build a professional portfolio. Such as the All the Rage Dress Design Competition Lenae won in January of 2020. Photographs often influence or even serve as her primary design inspiration. She also enjoys styling the outfits that are present in the photos that she takes. Lenae often describes her creative style as a contemporary editorial with a romantic twist. 


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Lillian Jenae Designs does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.

Our Return Policy

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective. If you receive a defective item, please contact us at with details of the product and the defect, please include photos. Also please consider that our garments are handmade in house so there are going to be unique qualities and quirks to each piece as they are not mass produced.